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Producer: Bob Mintzer
Record Label: Tvt (Dist.)
UPC: 0016581130029

Product Key Features

Release Year: 1990
Style: TV Score/Soundtrack
Genre: Soundtracks & Musicals

Additional Product Features

Format: CD-R
Distributor: Tvt (Dist.)
Playing Time: 73min.
Recording Mode: Stereo
Release Date: 1990
Artist: Various Artists
Spar CODE: N/A
Recording Type: Studio

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1 review for Television’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 3 (70’s & 80’s) Various Artists – CD

  1. sheba1624

    Flashback to themes you’ll never forget

    The instant that I saw this cd’s lineup, I had to purchase it right away. It has several of my favorite themes from shows that I watched growing up and that I still enjoy watching, such as Scooby Doo, The A-Team, Cheers, M*A*S*H, and yes, even Sesame Street. I also like many of the themes to shows that I didn’t ever watch, such as Dallas, Facts of Life, Happy Days, and Greatest American Hero.

    All the themes are of superb quality, especially when you compare them to the first album in the Television’s Greatest Hits series. There’s also a Trivia Booklet that tells of some interesting facts about the shows and the themes, such as what years the show was on television, its rankings, who made the themes, how a few of the songs did on the pop charts, and much more.

    I’ll admit that I don’t like all of the songs on the cd, and there are some that should’ve been included but were not (where is He-Man, Transformers, Duck Tales, and Punky Brewster??!). Also, being a huge fan of The Smurfs when I was a kid, I was disappointed to hear the theme that I wasn’t familiar with (the one that has singing in it).

    Still, it’s loads of fun to drive somewhere with somebody you know and listen to the themes and to see who can guess which theme it is first. It’s even better for just kicking back and playing it to take a trip back to the glory days of yesteryear. The track lineup isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough for a five star rating nonetheless.

    If you’d like to own something to ‘take you back’ every now and then, and especially if you’re a fan of television themes, then Television’s Greatest Hits, Vol. 3: 70’s & 80’s is a MUST BUY!!

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